American Dentistry no longer the best?

Interesting week - Monday saw one of my patients who currently lives in New York fly all the way back to Tunbridge Wells to get me to explain what the dentist in New York wanted to do for him. He was reassured by his American colleagues in New York that it was the norm for the dentist to run between three or four dental chairs having a quick look and leaving you for 10 or 15 minutes at a time twiddling your thumbs. Despite constantly asking for a clear explanation of what was proposed to treat his advancing gum disease, after seven visits, all he had been told was he was going to have several teeth out and some implants. No discussion about alternative treatments, what the long-term plan was, what it was all going to cost.

It was quite clear while US technical dentistry might be at the forefront of modern dentistry their customer service and communication skills are not.

 At the Harman Clinic our patients enjoy excellent and clear communication. Our patients have a lengthy smile consultation as well as a comprehensive assessment of their teeth. We use individual Photo-simulations (not stock smiles) to show each patient what is possible and indeed what is not, using the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry. My aim is for my patient and I to be 95% clear of what we want to achieve before we even begin. Then we have a unique development process to ensure that we can fulfill their expectations. I measure success for my patients not just in giving them a beautiful smile but also in achieving the “Wow” factor. They can’t help smiling.

My New York patient said he understood more in 5 minutes of talking to my nurse and myself than he had in seven visits in New York and he will be having his treatment done by us even though it is a 9 hour + commute!

Dr Oliver Harman